Sampling vino from the barrel!

Community and fun are at the heart of all our lovingly crafted wines.

Steve Flynn, winemaker/owner, caught the 'wine bug' during his first crush in September 2002 while working for Mountain Spirit Winery in Salida. He was soon on his way, fermenting everything in sight, from dandelions in the spring, Colorado fruit in the summer, and Colorado grapes in the autumn. After four years working at a commercial winery, Steve decided to embrace his 20 years of fine arts and cooking experience to pursue winemaking as a craft, and ultimately, an art. Opening Vino Salida in 2009, he has worked closely with Colorado grape and honey producers to forge long lasting relationships, focusing on the grower's talent for growing good wine. In the cellar, Steve's unending drive to craft a better product has led to many different styles of wine, all tasting unique and purely Coloradan.

Our Process

For our Colorado grape wine, the grapes are  picked at the peak balance of fruit flavors, sugars, and acidity. We hastily ship them to Salida and crush as soon as possible. White grapes are pressed to  remove skins and the juice is fermented. The wine is then aged in stainless steel barrels and bottled after 6 to 12 months. Red grapes are fermented on skins, pressed after two to four weeks, aged in Kentucky oak barrels, and bottled after 8 to 18 months.


For our Colorado Traditional Honey Mead, we source alfalfa/clover raw honey from Beeyond the Hive in Salida. Water is added to create a simple syrup and yeast is added. The mead ferments from 2 to  6 months, age in stainless steel and Kentucky oak barrels, and are bottled 4 to 12 months from their birthdate. Our mead styles are dictated by the type of honey used, quantity of water and yeast strain added, and the containers used for aging.

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